Box Opening: Torch Holster

Ok this post will not be long, on the contrary will be very very short. I embed the video below, so you can watch it here or on Youtube, whichever you like.

First time I recorded a video with my own voice. And yes, I agree with you, I don’t like my voice either. 😀 You will learn the reason later.

Well, here is the video. Enjoy!


Box Opening: Backpack

Finally my backpack arrived and I recorded the Youtube video without losing time. Fortunately there was a cloudy weather when I recorded the video, so the clouds made a natural diffuse lighting. Natural equipment hehe 😉

Ok lets put pictures. 🙂



This is how it look like when folded. Looks so small but when you unfold it, it gives enough space (except my tent poles, lol). Its measurement is 30 x 45 x 63 cm. (appr. 12 x 18 x 25 inches)


This is how it looks like from behind when its folded.


Then unfolded back view.


Unfolded front view.

Here is Youtube box opening video: Box Opening: Backpack

Box Opening: First Aid Kit


Hello again. Here is yet another box opening post which I did on same night with the tableware box opening. Unfortunately the picture and video quality very poor, so I won’t upload the video to Youtube.

Ok lets add some pictures.


As you can see, the bag put into a transparent plastic bag, nothing special. The kit has no brand, no model, just a China made product. It is very cheap that I can afford (because I’m unemployee) but still a good product, better than none. 😉


The bag has two loops, so you can attach it to a carabiner. On its back side there is nother wide loop for you can attach to your belt.


The bag comes with some first aid stuff included inside. Here is the list:

Package included:

1x first aid bag
1x PBT bandage
1x Scissor
1x Self adhesive plaster
1x Non-woven fabric adhesive tape
2x Alcoholic tablets
5x Band aids
1x Tweezers
1x Mask
2x Iodophor bar
10x Cotton swabs



I know the picture is really crap, sorry about that.

Box Opening: Plastic Tableware


My new shiny tableware has arrived finally. I opened box, record video and took pictures but I can make Youtube video and blog post today.

Lets write its properties first, then put some pictures. But let me warn you about the picture quality: That night I didn’t notice that the light is not enough. So please don’t mind for the poor picture quality. The headline picture is taken from the product store website.

Item Description:

3 in 1, a tableware set of spoon, fork and chopsticks , complete and useful
Foldable and portable, you can even put it in your pocket, best choice to take it for camping, picnic, hiking or other outdoor activities
Send with a box, sanitary and convenient
High quality Eco-friendly ABS material, easy to cleaning

Tableware Material: Eco-friendly ABS
Tableware Color: Orange ,Blue ,Green
Folded Size: 12 x 6 x 2cm / 4.7 x 2.3 x 0.7in
Weight:65g / 2.3oz


This is how it is look like unopened.


Secured with transparent paper, some Chinese writings on it.


The placement of tools inside the box.


Here is the tools unattached.


… and attached versions.

If you noticed, the timestamp on the pictures looks like reversed. Actually I took pictures “after” record the box opening video. So, every picture taken went through backward steps.

You can see Youtube video here: Box Opening ABS Picnic Tableware (Low Quality Video)