Patreon page activated

Hello everyone.

Finally I activated my patreon page. The reward and goal settings (maybe) will need a tweak but for now they seems OK.

If you have questions, suggestions, or any message please feel free to contact me.

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2nd Camping on Weekend

I made 2nd camping trip to the forest this weekend. My intention was to make a good video but the camera didn’t let me to do it by showing “battery low” warning in first 10 minutes. However, even despite of the camera disaster I could make some clips and took some pictures at least.

When I got there I walked at least for 45 minutes to find a good spot. While I was walking I saw some guy wandering around. Was the first bad sign? During the day I encountered at least a dozen of people. I personally don’t like much people around; especially in nature. I don’t know is it just me but I feel uncomfortable when people around. I can’t trust others in this country.


Yeah, my new backpack (which is turned out not so comfortable), my tent on it (the blue-orange bag), and my tripod (the water bottle). 😀 Ah also bread and sausage in the plastic bag next to the backpack. Also as you can see my sleeping mat is so big to backpack, I need an inflatable mat instead of carrying this oversized mat. Also need to change tent system because of the poles. If you look carefully you can see the tent poles wrapped in green cloth (actually it was a military underwear before I cut it and make pole pouch), looks like a radio antenna in the bag. Also because of the mat and poles I can’t squeeze the backpack’s top.


In 2 minutes I cleaned the ground from pine cones and place the tent. I don’t use tarp or something to put under the tent. Because ground is not hard and weather is really hot.


Then I attached the poles.


After place the poles it took almost 5 minutes to set the tent. However in that 5 minutes I sweat like hell. Weather was really hot and between trees I had direct sunlight on me. Also I felt I was getting hungry.


So it was the time to gather some woods to make fire and cook. It took 1 and half hour to gather that woods and branches around. Yea, looks like not a big pile but I just don’t like to cut from living trees if it is not a survival situation. I prefer to gather dead wood fallen on the ground.


Then next thing to do was digging a firepit. The dry pine needles on ground are highly flammable. You need to very very carefully to make fire in forest. Especially after we lost 95% of forest around the city. Yes 95%… But only 15% of it lost by fire. The percent lost because of touristic places (i.e. hotels) built. Yea, it is a shame…


Look close to the firepit. Deep enough to make big fire. Around 30 cm (~12 inches) in diameter.


I also found some woods left by some picnicer. I guess they tried to make swing or something for kids.


Finally the reward of the hard work. Black coffee and sausage in bread. I can’t say “yum” but better than nothing. 🙂

Later in evening I made same meal again but half of sausage turned into coal. 😀 I really need to learn how to cook things properly.

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