[EN] 12 Things Happy People Don’t Give A Fuck About

I took this article from someone’s post.

12 things happy people don’t give a fuck about
I’m so fucking exciting to write this awesome list out for you!
Okay, I don’t want to drag you down with a long ass intro, but it’s gotta be done haha.
My name is Alden Tan, and I’m 28 years old.
I’ve two main passions, writing and Bboying (breakdancing). I’ve been writing at my blog for a couple of years now and been a Bboy for over ten years.
My experience in not giving a fuck
Honestly, I started off really bad.
I spent most of my life caring too much about what others thought about me. I was always afraid of being judged. I feared offending people as I didn’t want to deal with any sorts of trouble.
As a result, I let people walk all over me. I was pissed, a lot.

But it all changed when my dad died when I was 20. He died of ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. It was a real blow to me and my family. If anything, the biggest takeaway I had was that I shouldn’t be so unhappy all the time and that I should do what I love.
If anyone had a problem with that, well, they can fuck off.
How this little eBook came about
You know, it’s strange. I’m following my dreams. I did the whole, “Quit my job to do what I love” thing a couple of years back.
And man… it has been a real struggle.
I love to write, but I knew I had to learn how to start marketing my blog and shit. That’s when I started becoming unhappy.
I kept wanting to learn how to make money. I learnt all sorts of marketing tactics, enrolled in courses, got mentors, got frigging scammed, but they all didn’t work for me.
Heck, a coach even told me not to be too vulgar in the way I write. What!
As a result? I didn’t make much money. I wrote a lot less. I woke up almost every day feeling stressed and shit. I became very, very unhappy.
I had another free eBook previously, but that felt very, “I wrote it because I was told to write it”. Kind of.
Bullshit. Finally, I said, “Fuck it”. I decided that I was going to go all out and keep doing what I love in my blog, and my business.
Since my dad died, I wanted to write to inspire people. I wanted to change lives and not just give some LOLs or whatever.
This new book is from the heart. It perfectly captures the essence of me and my blog. I went all out for it. I got out of my comfort zone to create this baby.
So, this book is for you.
I write about personal development and motivation, and I do not like to call that my “niche”. I do however, write in a very real, in-your-face style and it contains a lot of profanities.
But seriously, stick with me, and I promise that you can relate to my shit.
That being said, don’t expect some cheesy bullshit from me. There’s no law of attraction, hypnosis, universe tapping, paradigm shifting or world-class whatever.
These are just 12 things happy people don’t give a fuck about.

You ready to stop giving a fuck?

1) They don’t give a fuck about what others think
Yep. Straight up.
Happy people don’t care about what others think about them. They are not afraid of the words and thoughts of others.
Why? Because they’re not real. They’re inaccurate and deeply imperfect.
People who spend their time judging you are insecure losers themselves. When they speak out to bring others down, they’re just trying to validate their own shitty lives.
What you can do to stop giving a fuck about what others say or think
Read that again: The words and thoughts of others.
You need to recognize that they’re merely words and thoughts which can never fully capture the essence of your own life.
So why hold back? Why let a bunch of ignorant comments from ignorant people get you down?
It’s not worth it to keep holding back and not get shit done just because of others. That’s the recipe for regret.
Then you just go ahead and do it. Whatever you want done, do it.
Life is just too short to keep holding back, especially for a dumb reason like what others say or think.

2) They don’t give a fuck about the past or future
You read that right.
Not only do happy don’t give two craps about the past… but also the future itself!
Happy people let go of the past man. They know that it’s all in the past and that they can’t do anything to change it. They let go of that tight grip and look forward.
And yet, they don’t have a bunch of high expectations. Yep. They let go of expectations, which tends to lift you up only to let you down.
What you can do to let go of the past and future
I understand that it can be hard. Shit that has happened to you can be pretty traumatic. Even I had a hard time letting go of my dad’s death and other random events of people pissing me off.
But you need to realize that one day allowing yourself to keep thinking about the bad shit from last time will only, and I mean ONLY drag you down.
It has no use anymore. Learn from it, grow from it, then let it go. Like caring about what others think or say, they aren’t real. The past does not exist anymore.
I let go of the past because I was tired from feeling angry all the time. But it took me a few years to let it go, which was honestly too long. Do yourself a favour and erase that shit forever.
As for the future, well, some form of planning and goal-setting is good, but let go of expectations. Don’t create all these ideas in your head about how you want things to happen.
So how do you let go of the future too?
Do things for the sake of doing!
Live in the present man. Be in the now. Learn how to meditate. Break out of routine.
Appreciate things all around you, like nature. That helps tremendously.

3) They don’t give a fuck about fear
Happy people gain a lot of their happiness from not allowing fear to taking over them.
Look, fear is natural, but it doesn’t mean you should allow it to break you.
Happy people muster up their courage and continuously get shit done. Happy people got balls.
What you can do to eliminate fear in your life
Fake it till you make it. You ought to.
When you fake it, it automatically shows that your body and mind are fully capable of carrying out the act itself.
That being said, what the hell can EVER hold you back then?
And after you get tons of shit done, you’ll be invincible. You can look back and be proud of everything that you’ve done. You don’t have to look back and keep asking, “What if?”.
Also, fear is what keeps you alert. That’s all! It’s what makes sure you don’t jump off the top floor for no apparent reason.
But, if you keep thinking about it, like wondering what happens if you dare to try jumping off, that’s when all the nerves and anxiety set in.
So stop thinking about it, don’t hold back, and just do it.
The feeling of accomplishment is going to make you oh-so-happy.

4) They don’t give a fuck about social media
Social media may be cool and all when it comes to connecting us with one another and quickly catching up with news and stuff.
But the problem isn’t about it taking over our lives, as people like to put it.
The problem comes when we start using social media subconsciously without even realizing it. That’s when you’re being taken over.
It’s very apparent when we start using it when we doing something else more important at the same time.
Ever felt like you got to check your phone when you’re watching a movie or taking a shit? Or worse, you keep checking for updates on Facebook every 30 seconds or so.
Come on, you aren’t going to get new updates so fast!
Happy people drop social media. Some do it completely or cut down at a huge rate. They get happy by being more aware of what’s going on around them and indulging in more meaningful activities.
What you can do to cut down on social media
I wouldn’t expect you to go all out and quit social media permanently, but there’re steps you can take to cut down on it.
First, realize that you may be using it subconsciously. Realize that without social media, you can absolutely find something else better to do.
I don’t personally quit Facebook permanently, but I deleted the mobile app for it. It rocks. I feel a lot more aware of my surroundings when I head out. I get better, more intimate conversations with people too.
Now, go find other meaningful shit to do.
Go read. Books are awesome.
Life is too short to randomly surf social media for an update that doesn’t add any kind of value to your life.

5) They don’t give a fuck about the state of the world
Straight up, the state of the world is a sorry one.
There’s war, rape, disasters and bad shit happening to innocent people.
It’s easy to be affected to the point of depression or as if you shouldn’t start trying to make the world a better place at all.
But… Happy people don’t give a fuck about how shitty this world is.
Now, it’s not they don’t care. They do. They just don’t let it get to them!
Happy people know that feeling unhappy and bitching about everything wouldn’t change anything. They block out the bad stuff and make sure it doesn’t paralyze them.
They try to make things better through baby steps though. As a single person, a happy person can make a huge difference. They show kindness and compassion and give a helping hand. It’s as simple as that.
What you can do to not let the world get to you
One easy hack would be to simply stop reading the news completely.
Seriously, just because the headline is staring right at you doesn’t mean you got to read it.
Just because your friend posted a disturbing, gory video on Facebook doesn’t mean you got to watch it.
Trust me, it’s not worth ruining your day.
Learn to block out the bad stuff from the world. Don’t let it get to you.
Do what you love, let that love inspire others and keep helping others when you can.
The state of the world may not change overnight, but you can change a life easily by showing some love to your fellow man.

6) They don’t give a fuck about age
Ahh… age! There sets apart the young and the old right?
Happy people don’t think that way! They don’t give a fuck about that number that is attached to their life.
Why? Because age is just a number. Period. End of story.
It should never dictate your life. It should never dictate the things you do and ultimately your happiness.
Happy people do whatever it is they want, regardless of their age.
It’s never too late.
What you can do to defy age
Start hanging out with people who willingly do what they want despite their age.
What does this mean? It means hanging out with real friends who’d willingly encourage you to do what you love to.
And when you start doing what you love, you won’t feel old at all because that awesome feeling is all you need. It’s kind of like the same idea as, “Not feel like you’re working a day of your life”.
In my opinion, it’s only logic. If you hang out with a bunch of a friends who keep telling you to act your age, like telling you to get married and shit, you’re going to feel old.
If you have friends who respect each others’ way of life and are always out to have fun together, age can get the fuck out.
Live life and do what you love man. Don’t let age hold you back. Your aging body on the other hand can hold you back. Live it before it’s too late.

7) They don’t give a fuck about pleasing everybody
Why? Because you can’t please everybody in life. Happy people know that.
Somewhere along the way in life, you’re bound to encounter people who’d have a problem with you.
Why? It doesn’t fucking matter.
Happy people recognize when somebody in life doesn’t suit them, and they willingly walk away.
They know that trying to be nice and pleasing everybody just doesn’t work at all.
What you can do to cut out pleasing people
You stop being so nice.
You need to let go of the notion that being nice is the way to go all the time. You need to drop the idea that in some human-nature way you need to be nice to everybody you meet.
That’s not to say you have to be an asshole though.
Recognize the toxic people in your life. If you are unhappy with somebody, walk away. Stop hanging out with them then. Start hanging out with positive people only.
If someone has a problem with you, that’s their problem. Not yours.
And oh, you don’t need that many friends in life. I mean, what’re you trying to be? The prom queen? Stick to your few, close friends and it will be all good.

8) They don’t give a fuck about money
Okay for sure, money is important.
But you know how happy people see it? They know that money at the end of the day, is just paper. They release their attachment from it.
And they also know that down the road, the notion of how money can never buy happiness is very true.
Happy people focus their energy on other things while living with money. They live life to the fullest and start allowing the experiences and lessons create more meaning for them.
They let go of the chase.
What you can do to stop caring about money
A friend once told me this, “Money is important, but the difference is whether you want to chase it or not”.
So if you want to be happy, don’t chase.
Live within your means. Do what you have to do to survive.
Then keep doing what you love, live life to the fullest and recognize the other great things in life that can come to you without having to buy it.
Your bank account wouldn’t matter when you look back in life on your deathbed. Your experience and memories do.

9) They don’t give a fuck about work that much
I’m sure you’re thinking like, “Oh these inspiring people quit their jobs. But I can’t just up and quit!”
Well no one is expecting you to just quit your job and run away from your responsibilities.
That’s just… irresponsible.
But happy people have truly achieved the balance between their happiness and their jobs.
They don’t give a fuck about their job, that means to say, they don’t let their job define them.
They also most certainly don’t let their toxic colleagues, their shitty boss and the awful politics which it all bring to take over their lives.
Happy people go to work, punch in, do their best, ignore all the bullshit and then go home with a nice pay check.
Are you doing the same?
What you can do to not let your job define you
A job is just a job. It’s a means to an end i.e. a stable life. (Stability is overrated by the way).
That’s cool, but at the end of the day, you got to realize that there’re many other things in life that are important too.
What about passion? What about love? What about travelling the world to absorb different cultures? What about being happy and not letting others steal that happiness?
Do what you have to do. Work and survive. But let go of that attachment the job title comes along with. Let go of shitty bosses and annoying colleagues. They belong in the office, not your life.
It doesn’t, and will never define you.
You know what can help define you?

1) The passion you have, in which you have something to love and you become known for that love, thus inspiring others. (I certainly hope by now that you know the idea of passion is very important!).
2) The love and compassion you show for others, because helping others is out of textbook, something a job or school can never teach you.

10) They don’t give a fuck about annoying “friends”
Everybody has friends, but unfortunately, a lot of us have a very skewed definition of what friends mean.
As a result, they hang out with the wrong people in life.
Are you in a situation where you hang out with a group of “friends”, but one or two of them annoy you?
Or heck, you don’t even like them, but you are always civil with them (because it’s the right thing to do) and end up calling them “friends”.
And then… you end up being unhappy with certain friends?
Happy people have friends, but they are true friends who only lift them up higher.
They make no exceptions and no excuses when it comes to friendship.
What you can do to foster real friendships
Hang out with positive people only. And I do mean ONLY. Go all in, and go for 100%.
Make no exceptions.
I personally do not go for any group situations when there is a certain somebody I don’t like.
I’ve skipped many weddings this way. And yes, I don’t give a fuck if people think I’m petty, sensitive or even a pain.
I surround myself with positive people who can inspire me. You should too.
Never make an exception with who you want to be with. Who you constantly surround yourself with can largely make a huge difference in your happiness.
Remember, you’re the average of the five people you hang out with.
So access and analyze your life. Who are you hanging out with? Is someone annoying you?
Is your job getting you down every single day?
It’s time to make a change in your environment.

11) They don’t give a fuck about society’s standards
“You need to be married by 30”
“You need to go to college and get a degree”
“Why are you dating a girl who’s not local?”
These are the things I’ve actually been told in life. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
Yep, I’m 28, single but seeing a girl who’s not from around here and unemployed. I do what I love now everyday and it has nothing to do with my bachelors degree.
This is shocking to a lot of my friends, but I don’t give a fuck. I’m happy.
Happy people don’t give a fuck about the rules, standards and whatever society supposedly sets for us.
Happy people jump off the bandwagon, decide they don’t want to be sheep and just do what they love!
What you can do to defy all the rules
Just fuck’em. Fuck the rules and standards.
Find passion. You gotta do what you wanna do in life. Nothing else matters.
You got to recognize deep down that deep down is all that matters. Catch my drift?
What makes you happy? What makes you feel on top of the world? What lights your fire?
Only you know. Only you can answer those questions. Nobody else can.
Life is too short to keep listening to others and end up being unhappy just because you didn’t listen to yourself.
It’s your life after all. You make the damn rules. Do it.

12) They don’t give a fuck about different ideas of happiness
Do you get it now? After reading everything do you get it?
Happiness comes from within!
Happy people just aim to be happy, or rather, happy people are already happy and they leave it as that.
What you can do to be happy
Let me just summarize life for you:
Stop thinking so much. Have some fun. Help others when you can. Be happy.
That’s it.

Are you happy now?
Well I understand if you aren’t.
That’s the point of this book (and my blog too). This is just a simple guide to life, which of course, is complicated as fuck.
I wrote this so that it can act as a little boost if you’re feeling down, sad or like something is missing in your life.
At the end of the day… yo… you got to get out there.
You got to get out of your comfort zone and start living it up! You got to meet and interact with different people. You got to forge your own path with your own unique experiences and create new memories every day.
You got to live a happy life you can truly call your own. That way, when you grow up to be 90 years old and shit, you don’t have to look back in regret and ask, “What if?”

“To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”
-The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Then one day, you can tell me about it.
Thank You! Some stuff from me.
I hope you enjoyed this little guide book.
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[TR] 2019 Vizesiz Gidilebilecek Ülkeler

Umuma Mahsus (Bordo) Pasaport ile vizesiz veya sınır kapısında vize alarak gidebileceğiniz ülkeler.


  1. Botsvana – (Süre belirtilmemiş)
  2. Fas – 90 Gün
  3. Güney Afrika Cumhuriyeti – 30 Gün
  4. Kenya – E-vize veya Sınır kapısında bize alınabilir
  5. Mauritius – 30 Gün
  6. Seyşeller – 90 Gün
  7. Svaziland – 30 Gün
  8. Tunus – 90 Gün


  1. Arjantin – 90 Gün
  2. Bahamalar – (Süre belirtilmemiş)
  3. Barbados – 90 Gün
  4. Belize – 90 Gün
  5. Bolivya – 90 Gün
  6. Brezilya – 90 Gün
  7. Dominik Cumhuriyeti – 30 Gün (Kapı vizesi)
  8. Ekvador – 90 Gün
  9. El Salvador – 90 Gün
  10. Guatemala – 90 Gün
  11. Haiti – 90 Gün (Kapı vizesi)
  12. Honduras – 90 Gün
  13. Jamaika – 90 Gün
  14. Kosta Rika – 90 Gün
  15. Kolombiya – 90 Gün
  16. Nikaragua – (Süre belirtilmemiş)
  17. Panama – 180 Gün
  18. Paraguay – (Süre belirtilmemiş)
  19. Peru – 90 Gün
  20. Saint Lucia – (Süre belirtilmemiş)
  21. Trinidad ve Tobago – 30 Gün
  22. Uruguay – 90 Gün
  23. Venezuela – 90 Gün


  1. Azerbaycan – 30 Gün (Sadece Bakü Haydar Aliyev Havaalanında alınacak kapı vizesi ile)
  2. Filipinler – 30 Gün
  3. Hong Kong – 90 Gün (Sadece turistik amaçlı)
  4. İran – 90 Gün
  5. Japonya – 90 Gün
  6. Katar – 30 Gün
  7. Kazakistan – 30 Gün
  8. Kırgızistan – Süresiz (Giriş yaptıktan itibaren 5 gün içerisinde Devlet Kayıt Hizmetleri Başkanlığı’na pasaport ile kayıt yaptırmak zorunlu)
  9. Güney Kore – 90 Gün
  10. Lübnan – 90 Gün
  11. Makau – 30 Gün
  12. Maldivler – 30 Gün
  13. Malezya – 90 Gün
  14. Moğolistan – 30 Gün
  15. Singapur – 90 Gün
  16. Sri Lanka – 30 Gün (Kapı vizesi)
  17. Suriye – 90 Gün
  18. Tayland – 30 Gün
  19. Ürdün – 90 Gün (Sadece turistik amaçlı)
  20. Özbekistan – 30 Gün
  21. Brunei – 30 Gün
  22. Endonezya – 30 Gün
  23. Fiji – 90 Gün


  1. Andorra – 90 Gün
  2. Arnavutluk – 90 Gün
  3. Belarus – 30 Gün
  4. Bosna-Hersek – 90 Gün
  5. Gürcistan – 1 yıl
  6. Karadağ – 90 Gün
  7. Kosova – 90 Gün
  8. K.K.T.C. – (Süre belirtilmemiş)
  9. Makedonya – 90 Gün
  10. Moldova – 90 Gün
  11. Sırbistan – 90 Gün
  12. Ukrayna – 60 Gün

Zaman içerisinde ülkeler arasındaki anlaşmalar değişebileceği için, gitmeden önce ilgili ülkenin temsilcilikleri ile irtibata geçip vize konusunda teyit almak sizin yararınıza olacaktır.

[EN] A weekend camping trip to a paid campsite

It has been almost a year since my last camping trip. This year a few friends planned to go together but as usual the plan ruined. Every single one had their own excuses. So, the next week, on thursday, I called one of them and asked if we go next day or not. In the beginning he hesitated but then I told him that I don’t give a f.ck if they come or not, I would go alone if necessary.

The next day (friday) some other friend called me to stop by and drink coffee at my place. It was a good coincidence because I don’t want to go campsite with bus or any other mass transport. I accepted his drink-coffee-visit in exchange of driving me to campsite with his car. While we drink coffee, I packed my bag and stuff.

When we arrive there it was afternoon. At the campsite we had electricity, undrinkable water to wash dishes, the ground to put tents which we didn’t use the platform because the ground was covered with small rocks. In case of that rocks damage or even tear the fabric of tent, we set our tents on the lawn beside the platform. Here is more pictures of the place.

This was the first time I use my new tent. It took some time to figure out how to install it. As you know my old tent was a simple festival tent and it was very easy to install by myself. A few times I had to removed poles and re-install it but in the end I figured out how to install it.

After install the tent I made another coffee to my friend – and tried out my new butane-propane stove system – before he go back to city. I satisfied of the performance of the stove. Yet still I need to buy (or make) a wind shield for it.

In evening one of the friends (the one I was called and asked if we go or not) came. I gave my old tent to him as gift and showed how to install it. Then after sky get dark, the third friend came with his new tent which is a cheap festival tent. This was his first tent camp, he wanted to give a try and bought a cheap tent for it. After we installed his tent, we cooked and ate some meal. Unfortunately I couldn’t take photographs because of my crap camera. That evening other friends came to visit us. They sit for a few hours and went back to the city. The place we went is just outside of the city (around 5 kilometers), by the river and just 50 meters away also from the sea. It is the place where the river meet the sea.

The next morning I could take some pictures.

And below how am I look like nowayads.


The next day, which is sunday, one of them went to work (he’s a musician) and other one went to meet his girlfriend, I was alone.

I wanted to try mix two foods: Vegetable pasta and tuna fish. Also made some soup with the leftover water from the pasta.


It is fortunate that the third friend was bring his electric stove, so I didn’t need to spend my propane cartridge much. And yeah, he also bring his hookah. 😀

The good thing we had water to wash dishes but bad thing there was almost no waterflow. When I open the faucet, the water comes as thin as if it comes from a syringe. I figured out the campsite management switch off the valve when there is not much “customers” in the campsite. To wash dishes we went to common-use-building which has toilets, showers, kitchen, and laundry; and the building is just 20-25 meters away from our camping spot.

My second friend took some beautiful photos with his phone but I haven’t take from him yet. That night friends from city came again just like every previous nights there, the security guards doesn’t like it and they reacted but with respect at least. They told them to leave soon, don’t stay for hours since they don’t pay to stay there like us.

So after they gone back to city, me and 3rd friend took a table and chairs from the motel and finally we could sit by the table and relax for one and half hour. That 1,5 hours in total is the literally “camping and relaxing trip” among the whole weekend.

The next morning (monday) 3rd friend packed up early and went to work.


Then the 2nd friend and me had breakfast, then packed up and left the campsite. We decided to walk to the city instead of get in a bus or something. When we arrived to city, we took a short break to drink tea in a cafe. We had a chat with the owner of the cafe, name: Murat, who is kind of expert on bicycles and he toured whole country on his bicycle. Good thing he choose our town to settle in. 😉

Here is the cafe’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Cafe-Buen-Momento-527453644124700/

I couldn’t make a post since then, had some things to do and problems to solve but in the end here I am writing this blog post. I also made pictures as a slideshow on Youtube, you can watch from this link: https://youtu.be/3jqTLz-t5Ig

We tested our equipments and ourselves, now we planning to make longer range trips. Stay tuned.

[TR] Sizin hiç kuşunuz öldü mü?

Sizin hiç kuşunuz öldü mü?

Kendi canınızdan bile sakındığınız, cik dese “acaba bir şey mi istiyor?” diye baktığınız, kanat çırpışlarında yüzünüzde bir gülümsemeye sebep olan, şarkı söylediğinde mutlu olduğunuz kuşunuz öldü mü?

O parmak kadar bedenini avucunuzda saatlerce tutup, belki canlanır diye bir umut beklediniz mi hiç? Artık öleceğini anlayıp da son saatlerini, iki gözü kapalı olduğu halde avucunuzda oturup bekledi mi? Sizin elinizden geleni yaptığınızı, size güvendiğini anlatmak istercesine başını parmaklarınıza yasladı mı hiç?

Gözleri kapalı, ayakları tutmaz bir halde kafesine koyup da sabah tekrar sıcacık avucunuza almayı düşünüp uyuduğunuz ve sabah kalktığınızda o minicik cansız bedeni kafesin dibinde yatarken buldunuz mu hiç? Tek başına, yapayalnız ölüp gittiğini kabul edebildiniz mi? Keşke uyumasaydım 3-5 saat ama son nefesini avucumda verseydi, yapayalnız ölmeseydi diye içiniz içinizi yedi mi hiç? O son anda yanında olmadığınız için, onu tek başına bıraktığınız için kalbiniz parçalandı mı hiç?

Hiç ayak basmayan, güneş altında kavrulmayan bir yerde olsun mezarı diye saatlerce gömecek yer aradınız mı? Toprağı kazdıktan sonra o minicik bedeni o soğuk çukura koyarken içiniz paramparça oldu mu hiç? O soğuk çukura koymak istemeden o minicik cansız bedeni defalarca öptünüz mü, kokladınız mı? O artık yok, bir daha olmayacak, bu onu SON defa görüşün diye kendi kendinize fısıldadınız mı hiç? Her aklınıza geldiğinde gözyaşlarına boğuldunuz mu?

Canınızdan bir parça onunla beraber öldü mü? Ömrünüzün son gününe kadar kalbinizde hep bir diken gibi batacağını biliyor musunuz?

“Ya ölmüşse nolmuş, git bir kuş daha al” diyen insan kılığındaki ucubelere söyleyecek tek kelime bulamadan öylece baktınız mi? Birilerinin “evcil hayvan” diye gördüğü o CANLININ aslında bir “birey” olduğunu anlatmak isteyip de tek kelime edemeden susup kaldınız mı?

Sizin hiç en yakınınız öldü mü? Canınızdan can koptu mu hiç?